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I am George.  I’ve been in the Crypto space since 2013 and I’ve pretty much seen it all.  I’ve seen Bitcoin and crypto rise to unimaginable peaks and also fall to levels that would make grown men cry, twice!


My story began in 2013 when I first heard about Bitcoin hitting $1200.  Every news outlet was talking about how Bitcoin was a ‘ponzi’ scheme reaching new heights.  At the time I was working in IT and thought that Bitcoin was the greatest invention ever created.  Using computers to generate a digital currency worth real-world money, out of thin air... 

Due to this phenomenon I started mining Litecoin and instantly became obsessed.  Soon I had over a dozen mining rigs running in my basement, running at all times of the day.  However, this phase of my life only lasted 4 months, as I decided to shut down my mining operations, due to a sharp fall in the market. I fell for the FUD, I didn’t have conviction and I didn’t HODL.  Big mistake.  

Fast forward to 2017 and again I hear about this ‘ponzi’ scheme climbing back to previous  highs around $1200.  I decided to give Bitcoin and cryptocurrency another shot! During the year I realized that there were so many people that didn’t have a proper understanding of Bitcoin, what it is, what it could mean for currency and how it differentiated itself from altcoins. So, I decided to jump on Quora and share my knowledge.  My responses were outstanding and became an instant hit and today my answers have accrued over 4.5M views. After Quora, I knew I had to do more to spread the word about cryptocurrencies.  That is when I started Cryptosrus, my alias for knowledge of all things crypto. 

I started my YouTube Channel late 2017 and it instantly took off.  People couldn’t get enough of my teachings and my opinions on Bitcoin and altcoins.  My channel grew to 40k subs in just a few months.  Things were starting to really take off, that is until 2018 rolled around and the start of crypto winter.  People were devastated and so many left the space.  I however through all the hard knocks decided to press on.  I did not want to make the same mistake I did back in 2014 when things turned sour.  I kept encouraging people to focus on the future, to understand the importance of having patience and HODL.  Through my encouragement, support and teachings I’ve helped thousands of people achieve life changing wealth, that number increasing daily!

Even though my channel is closing in on 380k subs and over 16M views, my message is still the same in 2021.  Focus on the future, have patience and HODL. Those who have called Bitcoin a ‘ponzi’ have all seen the light and are now some the biggest supporters.  Today we have the largest institutions, banks, financial companies and conglomerates actively buying and supporting Bitcoin, blockchain and altcoins.  The future has just begun!


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